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Denis Kalinkin congratulated prosecutors on the professional holiday

Prosecutor's employees were given city awards.
Date: 12.01.2018 14:17

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(KZN.RU, January 12, Mikhail Chentsov). Today, the Day of the Prosecutor is celebrated all over Russia. Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Executive Committee, congratulated the employees who are on guard of law and order in Kazan on a professional holiday. Sergey Starostin, the deputy prosecutor of the RT, and Oleg Drozdov, the prosecutor of Kazan, also took part in the ceremony that was held in the building of the city prosecutor's office.

“The employees of the prosecutor's office have always been highly professional, loyal to the debt and have impeccable personal qualities. The uncompromising struggle against crime and corruption, protection of the rights of citizens, provision of a single economic space are only a small part of your daily work. On behalf of the Mayor of Kazan, myself, and all Kazan citizens of, I want to express my gratitude to all prosecutors' employees”, Denis Kalinkin addressed the employees of the prosecutor's office.

The head of the Executive Committee noted that common goals are facing the municipality and the prosecutor's office. “Together we are fighting for the observance of the law in the most diverse spheres of municipal economy. We are all well aware that the main task for us is the construction of a rule-of-law state, where respect and observance of laws will become a natural state of man”, said D. Kalinkin.

During the ceremony, Denis Kalinkin gave the city's awards to prosecutors. Gratitude of the Mayor of Kazan for many years of conscientious work and contribution to strengthening the law and order was given to Gulnara Suleymanova, an assistant Prosecutor of the Aviastroitelny district, Lenar Garipov, an assistant Prosecutor of the Vakhitovsky district, assistant Prosecutors of the Moskovsky district Timur Abdreev and Rustem Gataullin, Eva Gabitova, an assistant Prosecutor of the Novo -Savinovsky district, Ruslan Davletshin, an assistant Prosecutor of the Sovetsky district.

Sergey Starostin, the deputy prosecutor of the RT, congratulated colleagues. He noted that the prosecutor's office of the republic occupies a worthy place in the system of the Russian Department, which is confirmed by the results of its work. “We can see what work was done last year when the banking crisis erupted. It was the Prosecutor's Office that created the foundation that now exists. The prosecutor's office did a lot of work on wages when the non-payment exceeded 100 million rubles. By the measures taken, the debt decreased to almost 10 million rubles. The Kazan Prosecutor's Office has done a lot of work on shared construction, urging all developers to intensify the process”, he said.

“We must continue to work, to seek the elimination of all violations of the law. I wish everyone good health and good luck. Happy holiday, colleagues!” said S. Starostin.

At the end of the event, Oleg Drozdov, the prosecutor of Kazan, addressed his colleagues. “I would like to note that the past year was not easy. Nevertheless, many problems are solved or their severity is weakened by our efforts. I would like to say a word of gratitude to the Executive Committee. A close interaction is established, indeed. I hope that by joint efforts we will continue to solve all the tasks that will contribute to improving the lives of our city inhabitants”, he summed up.

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